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Dear Colleagues,

When we meet in Prague at the ICOM Triennial Conference in August 2022, the General Assembly will be invited to approve a new Strategic Plan which sets the directions for the Association until 2028.  

Strategic plans are always important but this is a momentous time as museums progressively reopen post-Covid, count the cost of closures during the pandemic and reimagine the future in a changing world. Leading the global museum community through this period of transition is ICOM’s role and we have an opportunity to plan how the Association can best fulfil this role in the next decade.

The purpose of this survey is to find out from you where ICOM should focus its strategic energy from 2022-2028.  Throughout the survey, there is a strong focus on both objectives and the strategies to achieve them.

The survey is organised in four sections. Section 1: Our network; Section 2: What differentiates ICOM; Section 3: How can ICOM improve; and Section 4: Meeting museum needs.

Our Association is moving forward! Be part of developing ICOM’s future by giving 20-30 minutes of your time to complete this survey. The final date for completion is  22nd September, 2021.