Inter-County Community Council (ICCC) is conducting a Community Needs Assessment which asks questions about issues like childcare, education, housing, employment and healthcare. ICCC’s designated service area includes Clearwater, Pennington, East Polk and Red Lake counties. Some of our services cover additional counties.  

Each category has a series of potential needs listed. Please indicate what you see as a barrier for either your household or your community. 1 – Strongly Disagree (no barrier seen) to 4 – Strongly Agree (Large barrier seen) or 0 – unknown/not applicable to you or your community. Please answer all sections completely.

The survey is anonymous—we do not collect names or personally identifying information of those that complete our survey. However, if you want to be entered into our prize drawing for completing the survey, you will be directed to a secondary survey for your contact information.

If you have questions or need assistance to complete this survey, please call our ICCC office in Oklee at 1.888.778.4008.