Hello Friends!

Once again, IBPA is looking for book industry professionals with the credentials to serve as judges for the 34th annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ program, the most prestigious book awards program available to independent publishers and author publishers. We are looking for judges capable of judging print books, graphic novels, audiobooks....or all three! See https://www.ibpabenjaminfranklinaward.com/ for more information.

The implicitly understood, deeply-held convictions that guide the spirit and nature of IBPA staff, board of directors, and volunteers (including our much appreciated IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ program judges) are:

TRUST: moral, respectful, consistent
SERVICE: compassionate, caring, capable of "tough love"
LEADERSHIP: decisive, influential, professional
DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, August 31, 2021

This "34th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™  Program - Judges' Application" was developed to help IBPA find the best possible judges for its annual program. Starting early September 2021, IBPA will let you know if you've been chosen to judge this year's program. You will be assigned a category at that time, as well.

Thank you for your interest in serving the independent publishing community through the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ program. We appreciate you!

Angela Bole
IBPA Chief Executive Officer 

Terry Nathan
IBPA Chief Operations Officer