Professional recognition and continuous training and development are at the heart of the International Association for Impact Assessment’s (IAIA) aims and objectives for its members.  This survey is part of an IAIA research grant being undertaken by Fothergill Training & Consulting. It will gather information from the IA community on the existing range of national and institutional professional registration / recognition / accreditation systems in use within their countries or within international organisations with whom you work. The survey seeks to identify and recognize the skills, competence and professionalism of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment professionals (e.g. EIA / ESIA / ESHIA).

The research grant objective is to use the results of this project to produce a first attempt at a global compendium of existing ESIA accreditation / recognition schemes from around the world which will be available from the IAIA.  It is anticipated that the compendium will be enhanced and updated in future years as new systems become available.

The research is focused on schemes that relate primarily to project-related ESIA systems, and it is on these schemes that we would most welcome your views. If you have knowledge of other professional ESIA recognition /accreditation schemes or your work requires you to work across a variety of such national / institutional schemes, please select only the one that makes up the majority of your work.  At the end of the survey there is an opportunity to indicate other schemes that you are aware of and provide details and web links to them.

IAIA conferences are conducted in English; as such, this survey is also being conducted in English. However, we recognize that many ESIA professional registration / recognition / accreditation schemes will not be available in English. Your assistance in helping translate your country's / institution's requirements from their original language into answers within this survey is greatly appreciated and will help considerably as we analyze the results.

The survey will be open through 29 June.

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