Purpose of Survey

The Child Neurology Foundation is seeking feedback from the parent and caregiver community. We want to better understand the management of disruptive or harmful behavior in children with neurologic conditions. CNF’s mission is to serve as a collaborative center of education and support for caregivers and children. We will share anonymized information from this survey with providers, so they are better able to serve children with disruptive and harmful behavior.

Common symptoms occurring in children with disruptive behavior include:
  • Defiance of authority figures
  • Angry outbursts or agitation
  • Other antisocial and age-inappropriate behaviors such as lying and stealing. 
Common symptoms of harmful behavior include:
  • Direction of dangerous physical action at others
  • Taking action to cause bodily harm to self or others
  • Engaging in the destruction of property that has the potential to be dangerous to self or others. 
Who should take this survey?
  • Primary caregivers of children with a neurologic condition.
  • Only one survey should be completed for each child with a neurologic condition.
  • Children under the age of 18 should not complete this survey. Instead, an adult should complete this survey on their behalf.

7% of survey complete.