The Honey Foundation for Israel, a philanthropic foundation that is invested in developing communal spiritual leadership within Israeli Judaism, is seeking to learn about your community in order to assist in the growth of living communities in Israel. We attribute great significance to your perspective as a member and participant of the community’s activities, the perceptions and attitudes toward the community, the community’s make-up and its impact on its members. We greatly appreciate your completion of the full questionnaire (about ten minutes). The questionnaires will be processed and analyzed by the professional team led by Dr. Liora Pascal, the head researcher of the survey. The questionnaire is anonymous and results will be presented in group form without the ability to identify individual responses. Communities with high response rates will earn a financial reward. We thank you in advance for your response and for the time and thought you invest in this, which will help us establish the future direction for living communities in Israeli Judaism. You can complete the questionnaire in Hebrew by clicking on this link:
For further details regarding the questionnaire, please contact Dr. Liora Pascal

Question Title

* 2. How would you describe the frequency of your participation in the activities of the community over the last couple of years?