The Best of the Best – The HR Hero of the Year Award

For 18 years, we have been recognizing HR leaders for their outsized contributions to their organizations and their communities. These unsung heroes in the HR community deserve recognition for their extraordinary contributions to business and community. Now, it is up to you to share the stories!

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Characteristics of the Nominee (Food for Thought)

Taking Risk To Elevate The Strategic Role Of HR
  • Partners with senior management to raise the visibility of the HR function.
  • Takes specific steps to change the status quo role of HR.
  • Demonstrates to senior management how HR can creatively support key business objectives.
  • Takes on personal career risk in an effort to elevate the strategic role of the HR function.

  • A natural role model.
  • Shows concern for colleagues as people.
  • Willingness to take on mentoring roles outside the scope of work.
  • Guiding, supporting, and promoting the training and career development of others.
  • Demonstrating a long-term commitment to mentoring.

  • Carries a volunteer event when others mysteriously disappear.
  • Brings the kind of contagious energy to volunteer work that makes it successful.
  • Show creativity in developing volunteer programs.

Compassion In Employee Relations
  • Handles challenging and emotionally-charged situations with grace and respect
  • Finds creative solutions that create trust and improve employee morale
  • Demonstrates compassion and generosity of spirit when terminating employees
  • Successfully balances employer interests with principles of employee advocacy

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