Please help us improve our resources and services by completing this survey about your experiences with WCU's Hattiesburg Library.

1. What is your status at William Carey University?

2. If you are a student, in which school are you enrolled?

3. What is your major?

4. How often do you visit the library on the Hattiesburg campus?

5. Is a librarian or library staff member usually available when you need assistance?

6. How helpful do you find the library staff to be in the Hattiesburg Library?

7. How adequate are the Library's hours-of-operation?

8. How satisfied have you been with the library's print book collection when completing your course work?

9. In terms of completing your academic course work, how adequate are the electronic journals and databases made available to you through WCU Libraries?

10. Does the library's physical facility and equipment (space for individual and group study, computers, copiers, etc.) meet your needs?

11. Are you familiar with the off-campus reference contact options made available by WCU Libraries such as E-mail (askalibrarian@wmcarey.edu) and text messaging (601.348.0287)?

12. If you have utilized one or more of the off-campus reference contact options mentioned in question #11 (E-mail and/or text messaging), how helpful was this service?

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to this survey!

13. Do you have any other comments about library services and resources on the Hattiesburg campus?