Hart District Council is exploring the potential to build a new community in the district of up to 5,000 new homes, with associated community facilities, to meet its long-term housing requirements. The project has the working title, Shapley Heath Garden Community, and the proposed site is in the Murrell Green and Winchfield area.

You can find a map of the area on the home page of the project website.

This survey, together with future consultations, will help to establish a vision and objectives for the project. This does not commit the Council to build a garden community or establish that permission will be granted for development.

We would like to get your views in the early stages of evaluating Shapley Heath. Your feedback will be an invaluable part of the evidence base for the project. If the Shapley Heath project does not progress past the evaluation stage, the evidence collected here will help to inform planning in the district going forwards.

The survey should take around 25 minutes to complete, depending on how much you have to say. First, you will be asked to provide multiple-choice or ranking order answers to questions about the key themes around garden communities. Whilst you may consider some or all the options important, we would like you to identify those most important to you. This will enable us to understand key themes for the community.

After each question, you will have a choice to provide a more detailed answer or move to the next one. At the end, we will ask you some questions about yourself. Your answers and your demographic details are all given anonymously.

Visit the Shapley Heath Garden Community website to learn more about the project.


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