What is a Comprehensive Plan and why is it important?

The Hardy County Comprehensive Plan is arguably the most important document the county maintains, as it is the primary long-range planning document that guides the decisions the county will make over the next 10 years when establishing regulation and policies to address future development and land use, the environment, and the use of county resources. Some of the topics covered in this plan will include housing, transportation, infrastructure, public services, jobs and economy, the environment, agriculture, recreation & tourism, history and culture, and land use and community design.    

The Comprehensive Plan should reflect what the citizens, organizations, agencies, and businesses in the county want for the future, as well as what the county government and elected officials think is best.  So, a crucial part of the Comprehensive Plan update is public input.  We encourage you to be an active part of this update process by being involved in the public input opportunities such as this survey.

Once the Comprehensive Plan is complete, the future goals outlined in this document will be used to guide the county in future decisions.  The information contained in the plan can be used to validate policy decisions, illustrate community consensus for or against development related issues, and justify actions that are carried out in accordance with the plan.  The strategies listed in the plan outline specific actions to be taken over the next 10-20 years that will help the community proactively meet their goals and maintain consistent priorities.  This formal documentation of the community’s desired future can be helpful when applying for grants, writing and establishing local policies and regulation, and can be used in defense of the community’s stance on controversial issues by documenting that the community is in consensus and has formally established clear and consistent direction and intent. 

Everyone is invited to be a part of this process through public input opportunities such as this survey.  All input gathered through this survey and other opportunities provided for feedback will be documented and referenced during the creation of this plan. 
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