Welcome to the Happy City Hackathon

 A ‘happy’ public space is beautiful and inviting, allows citizens of all ages and backgrounds to interact with each other, and motivates people to engage in fun and purposeful activities.
We are looking for ideas to re-imagine the Punnami Ghat waterfront in Vijaywada. Students of Andhra Pradesh are invited to submit your concept telling us how you will make this space more inviting, accessible, social and beautiful for visitors – be creative! Your ideas could include seating to enhance citizen-interaction, plantations to create a greener space, painting of street and wall surfaces, and landscaping to make the space aesthetically pleasing.
Let's all be part of the happiness movement and reclaim our public spaces!

Note: To know more about a Hackathon, you can refer to:

1. https://www.greaterauckland.org.nz/2017/08/03/streetfilms-tactical-urbanism/
2. https://www.citylab.com/design/2012/03/guide-tactical-urbanism/1387/