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The City of Henderson strives to find the most effective ways to provide information to you through Henderson Happenings. Your feedback about the publication will help us meet this goal. Please complete and submit this survey by April 20 to make sure your voice is heard.

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Note: All page numbers referenced in this survey pertain to the 2018 spring/summer issue of Henderson Happenings.

* 1. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree Don't know/NA
The front cover of Henderson Happenings projects a positive image of the City of Henderson.
The registration date listed on the cover is helpful.
The contact information I need is easy to find.
I easily find the programs or activities that I'm looking for.
The table of contents (p. 3) helps me locate programs I'm interested in.
The park, facility and trailhead map (pp. 62, 67) in the center of the publication is easy to read.
The amenities list for parks and trailheads (p. 68) is easy to read.
The aquatics lesson tables are easy to understand.
The photographs inside the publication make it fun and inviting.
The ads draw greater attention to events/programs and may encourage me to attend/participate.

* 2. If you disagree with any of the above statements, how can we improve these components of Henderson Happenings?

* 3. Please indicate how satisfied you are with the various sections of Henderson Happenings:

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Don't know/NA
"About the Cover" p. 1
"A Message to You" p. 2 Letters from the Mayor and City Manager
General Information p. 3
Citywide Event p. 4
Parks Information p. 95
Outdoor Recreation p. 96
Facility amenities list p. 61
Recreation center features p. 62
Facility, park & trailhead map p. 62
Park, trailhead & outdoor amenities list p. 64
News From the City p. 58
Henderson Convention Center p. 117
Henderson Events Plaza p. 118
Henderson Pavilion p. 119
Healthy Henderson p. 120
Membership p. 121
Animal Control p. 123
City Hall Services p. 124
Fire & Police Services p. 125
Neighborhood Services p. 126
Index p. 128
Ads located throughout the publication

* 4. How can we improve upon these sections of Henderson Happenings?

* 5. Please rate the importance of each item when choosing a CLASS:

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Not at all important NA
Program Topic
Class Location

* 6. Please rate the importance of each item when choosing a WORKSHOP:

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Not at all important NA
Workshop Topic
Workshop Location

* 7. Please rate the importance of each item when choosing a RECREATION CENTER SPECIAL EVENT:

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Not at all important NA
Event Theme
Event Location

* 8. How much useful information do most program/event/activity descriptions provide?

* 9. Is the presentation of the information following the program description (ages, dates, times, fees, class numbers) easy to read and understand?

* 10. If you answered "No" to question 9, what improvements can we make in presenting this information?

* 11. When looking at a page containing program listings, does the presentation/layout make the text easier or more difficult to read?

* 12. If you indicated "Much more difficult" to read, how can we improve the look/design of the page?

* 13. Is the registration information page (p. 127) clear and easy to follow?

* 14. "News From the City" (pp. 58, 59, 69, 70) consists of articles that focus on specific aspects of a city departments, facilities, parks, or programs. Have you found this section to be of value or interest to you?

* 15. Do you find the content in the articles to be:

* 16. What content would you like to see added to Henderson Happenings?

* 17. What content would you like to see removed from Henderson Happenings?

* 18. Generally, how long do you hold onto your copy of Henderson Happenings?

* 19. On average, how many individuals -- including yourself -- read your household copy of Henderson Happenings?

* 20. Please indicate how you would prefer to receive Henderson Happenings:

* 21. Which registration method do you prefer?

* 22. If you do not register online, could you tell us why?

* 23. How can we improve the online registration process to make it easier to use?

* 24. Are you satisfied with the size of the publication (10.5"x12.5"), or would prefer a smaller publication with more pages?

* 25. Please take this opportunity to offer any additional suggestions or comments you have regarding Henderson Happenings.


* 26. What is your home ZIP code?

* 27. How long have you lived in the City of Henderson?

* 28. Please list how many individuals in the following age groups reside in your household and participate in Henderson programs and/or special events.

* 29. What is your age group?

* 30. What is your gender?

Thank you for completing and submitting your survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated!