The Township is currently updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This plan will help guide decisions in the Township for the next five (5) years, 2018--2022. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is used to obtain grants and other funding for parks and recreation projects. Park improvements have been made possible though a combination of grant funding and the Township's existing recreation millage of 0.25 mills (approximately $28.50 per household). 

We would like to ask a few questions about your experiences and opinions regarding the programs, services, and facilities that Hamburg Township offers. Your input in this plan is crucial to helping Hamburg make the best investments in parks and recreation --- this anonymous survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your participation!

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* 1. Are you a Hamburg Township resident?

* 2. What is your age range?

* 3. How frequently do you visit or use Township parks and facilities?

  Daily Frequently (couple times per week) Infrequently (couple times per month) Rarely (couple times per year) Never
Baseball Diamonds
Disc Golf
Flyer's Field
Football Practice Areas
Hamburg Historical Museum
Hamburg Senior Center
Hamburg Community Center
Lakelands Trail
Pump Bike Track
Soccer Fields
Trailhead Parking
Volleyball Area
Winkelhaus Park
I don't frequent or use Township parks or facilities

* 4. Do you or a member of your household play organized sports? If so, please check all that apply: 

* 5. What sport, if any, is missing that you would like to see accommodated in some way? Please list: 

* 6. Overall, how satisfied are you with the appearance, maintenance, and cleanliness of the parks and recreation facilities?

* 7. Please check all the reasons that prevent you or members of your household from using any of the Township's parks, recreation facilities, or programs:

* 8. How high of a priority should the Township place on maintaining existing parks and recreation facilities?

* 9. How high of a priority should the Township place on developing new parks or facilities?

* 10. In order of priority, where 1 = most important, which of these facilities / programs would you like to see developed or considered in the future:

* 11. Community enrichment classes are offered through Pinckney Community Education, Hamburg Library and Hamburg Senior Center. What classes or program offerings, if any, are you interested in, that aren’t currently offered through these organizations? Please list:

* 12. Would you be willing to pay for classes if they were offered through the Hamburg Senior/Community Center?

* 13. Would transportation to Township facilities be necessary to participate in programming if it were offered?

* 14. Which activities / amenities would you like to see established / expanded in the Township? Select all that apply:

* 15. Are there any facilities not mentioned that you would like to see offered? Please be specific:

* 16. What could we do to improve existing facilities / activities in the Township? Please be specific:

* 17. Do you live near or have easy access to the Lakelands Trail?

* 18. Would your use of the Lakelands Trail increase if you were able to access it by a linking trail from your neighborhood?

* 19. Are trail initiatives something that Hamburg should invest in as a priority?

* 20. Should the Township plan for on-street bike facilities?

* 21. Would you support the acquisition of more land to be used for Parks and Recreation?

* 22. The current recreation millage is 0.25 mills (.25 per 1,000 of taxable value), which generates approximately $243,750 annually. Would you support an increase in millage to expand services and provide new Park and Recreation facilities and/or programming?

* 23. Considering the average assessed value in Hamburg is $114,000 ($228,000 true cash value), would support an increase to the existing 0.25 Park and Recreation millage? If so, what amount would you support?

* 24. Are you, or does anyone in your household, have a disability?

* 25. If you answered YES to question 24 above, what types of services / accommodations would allow you, or the member of your household, to better enjoy and access the Township's parks and recreation amenities?

* 26. What is the best way for you to receive updates / information about Township parks? Check all that apply: 

* 27. Please leave any additional comments that were not covered above.

* 28. Thank you for participating in this survey!

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