The renaming of Cornwallis Street project is one of the recommendations of the Task Force on the Commemoration of Edward Cornwallis and the Recognition and Commemoration of Indigenous History, and a step towards reconciliation. More information on the Task Force recommendations can be found online at

To rename Cornwallis Street, Halifax Regional Municipality has initiated a two phase project. Phase One of the project is conducting a survey to collect new street name suggestions for Cornwallis Street. The survey will be open to all property owners, residents and businesses on Cornwallis Street, First Nation and African Nova Scotian communities and all other residents of the municipality from Monday, October 4 until Friday, November 12, 2021.

After the survey closes, all submissions will be reviewed by Civic Addressing and Diversity and Inclusion staff, as well as local Councillors, in accordance with civic addressing policies. All submissions will be evaluated based on four criteria: appropriateness, cultural significance, diversity, and originality. All proposed street names must meet existing street naming policies and public safety considerations, therefore, any street name suggestions that are the same or similar, to an existing street in the municipality will not be eligible. The municipality encourages suggestions that reflect the goal of reconciliation.  From this review, a short list of potential new street names will be created.

Please note: if any submissions are commemorative names of people, they will be required to go through the commemorative naming application and review process before this initiative can proceed to the phase two survey. As commemorative name applications require background information and family permission, applicants will be required to provide their phone number and/ or email address for any commemorative name suggestions. Learn more about the commemorative naming process:

Phase Two of the project will consist of a second survey that will invite all municipal residents and communities to choose their preferred street name from the short list of names. Once the survey period is concluded, Civic Addressing and Diversity and Inclusion staff, as well as local Councillors will make a recommendation to Regional Council on the new street name based upon the number of votes received and the four criteria identified above. The recommendation report will include up to three alternatives for Regional Council’s consideration. The final decision on the new name for Cornwallis Street rests with Regional Council.

For questions about the survey please contact:
Gayle Maclean
Civic Addressing Coordinator
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