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Thanks! Now that we know you, let’s talk about how you’d like to contribute to the Freshworks Community. 

The Freshworks Community brings together like-minded individuals from across the globe to create an ecosystem where you can support, challenge, and inspire each other. As a part of the community, you get the chance to network, share your knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become an integral part of this community.

The Community team steps in to help with:
💡   Ideating new ways to share resources
📝 Building out content you excel in
📅  Promoting your event and story across our channel

What’s in store for you? 🎁
- Establish yourself as a thought leader
- Increase brand visibility
- Build relationships with your readers through a threaded comments section.
- Build credibility within a global community
- Get Freshworks goodies

Do you have interesting concepts and insights to share with the Freshworks community? If yes, then we'd love to collaborate with you.

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* 5. But first, how would you like to contribute?

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