The City invites residents to take part in a public engagement session at the Yacht Club (635 E Chestermere Drive) on the evening of October 4 from 6 - 8 pm. This meeting will provide an opportunity to ask questions about the project and share thoughts on pedestrian connectivity and proposed no parking zones. 

For more information on this project, visit Surveys & Engagement Opportunities | Chestermere, AB - Official Website, under the ‘Current Opportunities’ tab.

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* 1. A multi-use pathway would likely consist of line painting to display a designated area 2m from the curb for pedestrian/active transportation connectivity.

Would you use or benefit from a multi-use pathway system in the indicated areas?

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* 2. In order to provide access for the multi-use pathway the areas would need to be motorized vehicle free in the form of enforced no parking zones. This would mean certain areas of E Chestermere Drive may have street parking removed on the east side of the road.

Please provide your thoughts:

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* 3. Do you live on one of the affected roads?