AIBS Professional Excellence – QLD/NT Don Drummond Emerging Building Surveyor

The Award is to recognise outstanding professional excellence by an individual building surveyor with five (5) years or less experience in the area of building surveying or in building regulation.

This is a Chapter specific Award for QLD/NT members.

Eligibility criteria
  • Nominees must be a current member of the AIBS Chapter they have been nominated in;
  • Must have held continuous membership of AIBS for the previous 2 years;
  • Be a financial member of the AIBS at the date of nomination and upon receipt of the award;
  • Not have been the subject of disciplinary action in the past 3 years or are currently under investigation for disciplinary matters.
  • Have had less than 5 years’ experience since graduation as a building surveyor working in building surveying or building regulation.

Selection criteria

The nominating person must complete all the required sections of the nomination template and submit to the AIBS Office prior to the nomination deadline.

The selection panel will make their decisions based on the information provided in the nomination template that in their view, achieves outstanding professional excellence in the field of building surveying or building regulation and demonstrates the potential to be a leader in the building surveying profession.

Question Title

* 1. Person submitting nomination

Question Title

* 2. Nominee

Question Title

* 3. If this is a self nominating submission, please provide details of AIBS member who will verify the nomination.

Questions 4 - 7 form the primary criteria and are compulsory

Question Title

* 4. Provide an outline of how the nominee has demonstrated a high level of professional excellence

Question Title

* 5. Provide an outline of how the nominee is a leader in the profession and industry

Question Title

* 6. Outline any particular projects that the nominee has been involved in that have been significant and required a high level of expertise.

Question Title

* 7. Are there any other qualities that you would like to provide for consideration.

Question Title

* 8. Does the nominee contribute to the profession or community outside of their normal employment
(Secondary criteria - optional)

Please read before submission.  By clicking submit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below. 

Conditions of Entry & Information

Members may nominate themselves but the nomination will need to be verified by another AIBS member. 

The nomination will contain two sections, the primary section and the secondary section.  All areas in the primary section must be completed. The secondary section is optional.

AIBS reserves the right to retain all entries and their images.  Entries will not be returned to applicants unless requested upon nominating.
AIBS reserves the right to utilise the information of the winning entry in the presentation of the award, and to publish all or any of the details in any of the AIBS publications.
Award winners will be contacted to confirm their acceptance of the award. 

Please be aware that the panel judging the award will unlikely know every member, therefore it is important that as much supporting information is provided to assist wit the decision.  

Entries will be excluded:
  • If incomplete, such that they do not contain all the information and images in the form required
  • If received after the closing date
  • If it does not fulfil the binding clauses laid down in these conditions of entry

Nominations close Midnight (AEDT) Tuesday 31 March 2020
Thank you for your nomination.