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* 8. Remote learning will allow students to attend school from home, receiving instruction from a certified teacher(s). This instruction will include both synchronous (live) and asynchronous activities. Important features of this learning environment include:

· Students maintain their enrollment status at their assigned schools.

· Students and teachers follow the same curriculum sequence as their peers in school, allowing for a smooth transition to the traditional environment.

· Student support services provides for mental health, counseling, and interventions.

· Chromebooks will be provided to students in grades K-8 and tablets to students in 9-12. (Please note- the district has ordered Chromebooks for all students in grades K-8. Depending on delays from the manufacturer, these devices may not be received by the district before the start of school. Parents who choose the remote option should have a backup device available).

· Parents/Guardians will provide support for young children to help them navigate the remote learning environment.

· Please note that schedules may not be identical to in-person instruction. Also note that at the secondary level (middle school and high school) not all elective classes will be available.

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