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* 1. Agency Full Shipping Address
Please complete all contact information.

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* 2. Is your location a residential address?

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* 3. Does your agency support youth in foster care?

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* 4. Please tell us how your past orders of Comfort Cases have impacted the youth that are supported through your agency.

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* 6. Our Comfort Cases are backpacks filled with brand new items including pajamas, a blanket, stuffed animal, dental kit, toiletries, and socks. Additional age-appropriate items are included in each case.

If we do not have the exact size that you are requesting in our inventory, we will automatically apply the closest size to your request.

How many total cases are you ordering? 

1-100 cases: Must Pay 100% of Shipping
1-50 cases: Must Pay 50% of Shipping

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* 7. Comfort XLs:

Our Comfort XL is a large 32-inch duffel bag that folds up very compact and truly replaces the trash bag. They come in boxes of 32 and you can order up to 64 (2 boxes) at a time. 

**Due to the rising costs of shipping, supplies, and the Comfort XL’s (each about a $75 value,) we are now asking our agency partners to cover the full cost of shipping when ordering CXL’s ONLY.

 As with our Comfort Cases, you will be required to pay half of the shipping costs.  You may order 96 or 128 CXL’s if you are fully paying for shipping.

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* 8. ***Effective September 1st, 2022***
We will be requiring agencies to cover at least 50% of the shipping costs. The average cost to ship 50 Comfort Cases is about $150-300, depending on your location. You can request a shipping estimate from our Shipping Manager at  

Agencies that pay for full shipping costs will have their orders expedited. All other orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

Choices for Shipping:

1. Pay in Full: Our agency is able to pay for 100% of shipping costs associated with our order request, and we understand we can order up to 100 Cases, and 128 Comfort XLs per order and our order will be expedited.

2. Pay for Half: Our agency will pay 50% of the shipping costs. We can order up to 50 Cases and up to 64 Comfort XLs, and will wait for our order to be processed in the order it was received. The average turnaround time is about three weeks.  

3. Request an Estimate: Our agency would like to know the estimated cost of shipping cases and/or Comfort XLs. We will email you an estimate and adjust your order based on your decision to move forward with the shipping cost.