About the 2022 Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program (LMCLP)

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 LMCLP.

The LMCLP delivers a year of leadership development incorporating dynamic activities to challenge participant’s critical thinking and mindsets, using interactive workshops to refine and develop adaptive leadership skills to help tackle complex challenges. Participants will be immersed in community leadership through site visits to discover new ideas, thinking, concepts and new approaches to leadership. The program features a diverse mix of guest speakers and presenters from local community members to Federal politicians, all with the aim of developing a rich leadership story and context focusing on positive change for the region.

The program runs for a 10-month period from February to November 2022 and conditions allowing, consists of 16 face-to-face program days, delivered as one single-day for orientation, and five 3-day residential retreats, plus a number of online program sessions (generally kept to a maximum of 2 hours per session, but with some longer content rich sessions) held between those retreats. 

This is a regional program, and the LMCLP covers 10 local government areas, so participants will visit many of them as part of the program retreats, meaning access to transport and ability to travel is required. Note that you must be a resident of one of the 10 local government areas in the region to be eligible for the program.

All retreats will include overnight stays; shared accommodation and most meals are included in the program cost. Costs such as single accommodation (if preferred to shared accommodation), travel and some incidental meals are to be covered by the participant.

The retreats generally run from Friday to Sunday, and online sessions are held during working hours, meaning commitment to the program includes being available for those days, which means support from family and employers to enable participants to attend retreats and online sessions is vital. We ask that all applicants discuss the time commitment with their family and employer to ensure they have the appropriate support in place, enabling their full participation in the program if accepted.