Welcome to all former, current, and future members of AGT"+"!

This is a continuation of the 2019 survey that accompanied the election/survey earlier this year. This is open to anyone who is interested in AGT+.

AGT was founded in 1983, originally to promote and facilitate the acquisition and utilization of knowledge in toxicology, and to provide opportunities for government toxicologists to meet and exchange ideas. Over time, the definition of toxicology evolved, and the complexities and interactions with other fields increased. Thus, in 2017, we initiated an exciting change to who we are, voting to modify our Constitution and By-laws and open the door to a significant expansion in the breadth and number of scientific professionals who will now be eligible to join our membership ranks and actively serve in leadership roles as Officers, as Councilmembers, and on committees. Key changes include expanding our definition of full members from toxicologists-only to the "human, animal, and environmental health and safety sciences, and associated regulatory science".

AGT+ currently is working on the final phase of its exciting “reinvention” by implementing the Recommendations for Next Steps of the AGT2020 plan. The new Council needs input from AGT+ members, both current and potential, to re-examine its goals, its mission, the various groups that it intends to serve, its benefits to both members and society at large, the overall issues that it needs to address, the programs it runs, and even its name. This process of re-invention and re-branding involves establishing a strong justification for the continued and future existence of this organization in an embodiment that realistically matches the current status and needs of science in the US, and is perceived to be of significant value to its members by virtue of the benefits that it conveys to them.

As a part of this process, it would be very helpful if you could devote a small bit of your valuable time to answer some basic questions in this survey that address relevant issues whose resolution would allow the restructuring, strengthening, and heightened effectiveness of AGT+.

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