Welcome to the Flint Township Name Change Survey

Flint Township Residents and Businesses…
This survey is designed to assist the Township Trustees in deciding a new name for Flint Township.
Based on the results of this survey a name may be presented by the Trustees on the November 2022 Ballot allowing residents to vote on a new name for the Township. A brief history about the name change activities can be found at this link.
This survey is non-binding and confidential. The results will help the Trustees learn what residents and businesses think about the following names.
Bishop – Bishop International Airport is named after banker and General Motors board member Arthur Giles Bishop, who donated 220 acres of his farmland for the airport in 1928.
Garland – The Township was organized on March 2, 1836 and was temporarily called Garland Township.
Grandview – In the late ‘60s Grandview Heights was on the Ballot. The then Township Supervisor was elected Mayor, but the Charter failed to be approved by the voters
Oak Hills – This suggests the Townships preponderance for oak trees.
Westhaven – In the early '50s, this name was proposed as the name of a new city if the township were to convert to a city form of government. The voters did not approve the Charter.
Westwood Valley – Westwood Hills was provided by the Suggestion Committee. The  word “Valley" better described the Township following the concept of Genesee Valley.
The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
Thank you for completing this survey.
Flint Township Board of Trustees