About the survey

In 5 to 10 years, self driving cars may be operating on city streets and public highways. This survey invites you to imagine a reality where vehicles no longer require human input for driving. There is no steering wheel, no gas pedal and no brake pedal. Seats could face each other or perhaps a central table. Vehicles could be outfitted with computer monitors or television screens, couches and potentially even beds. While responding to this survey, please assume the technology has been proven safe.

This survey aims to better understand how self driving vehicles will reshape people’s transportation choices and way of life. The data collected through this survey will be used to inform an industry presentation in June 2018 and will be open for response until Friday, May 11 at 11:59pm. A summary of the results will be available during the summer of 2018 at www.urbansystems.ca.

SURVEY CONTEST: Respondents who wish to supply their email address will also be entered into a draw for one of four (4) gift certificates valued between $50 and $250 CDN. (Terms and Conditions apply).