This form is for the purpose of applying for the RLC's next “Hearing Voices Group Facilitator” Training.  We’ve had great responses to our previous facilitator’s trainings and many groups have started as a result.  The training is presented by the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (RLC) with the primary purpose of training people to start their own Hearing Voices Groups in their own area.

Hearing Voices Groups originated in Europe and now there are over 160 chartered groups in England alone.  Hearing Voices Groups do not pathologize hearing voices, seeing visions or other unusual experiences.  Instead, group members explore these phenomena in an environment of mutual support and curiosity.  They offer people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual experiences the opportunity to share their experience and explore new ways of coping, understanding their experiences and getting support.

Currently there are a growing number of Hearing Voices Groups in the United States, and our vision includes both supporting and bolstering existing groups and expanding the overall numbers and accessibility.  We hope that you will join us in bringing this vision to reality!

Please complete the application below in its entirety no later than Friday, April 6 in order to be considered for this training.

Please e-mail us at info@westernmassrlc.org if you have any questions!


The Western Mass RLC

See Below for Further Training Details:

TRAINERS TO INCLUDE:  Caroline Carlton, experienced HVN USA trainer and group facilitator, Marty Hadge, experienced HVN trainer and group facilitator, with special guests to be determined.

TRAINING DATES, TIMES AND LOCATION:  Dates for the training are scheduled for Tuesday, May 29th  through Friday, June 1, 2018.  Each day will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm.  Reading homework may be assigned ahead of time and/or during the class.  The training will be located at Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, Massachusetts. Attendance at all 4 sessions is required to complete the training.

TRAINING PREREQUISITES:  This training is primarily intended for people who have some basic facilitation skills and/or training, though not absolutely required so long as it is understood that the training is not designed to provide these basic skills.  Some awareness of and investment in the Hearing Voices Movement and approach is required, so please be sure you’ve checked out www.hearingvoicesusa.org and/or other sources to be sure you are familiar with the basics and still interested in applying!  You should be already facilitating or have an active interest in starting an HVN group.

COST:  There is no cost for this training for people residing or working in Massachusetts.  For out-of-state attendees, we are requesting a $100.00 fee per participant.  (This fee is to support our own limited budget and resources, and is negotiable if you are coming as an individual not sponsored by an organization or if it is somehow otherwise cost prohibitive.)  Participants are responsible for their own food and travel expenses as applicable. 

OTHER IMPORTANT INFO:  This training is open to people who identify as voice hearers, allies, friends and family, clinicians, peer workers and more.  If you attend, you should expect that the group will include a mixture of people in varied roles.  This training is designed to challenge and encourage creative thought about different belief systems, and so openness and genuine curiosity is a must!  It is not intended as a ‘train the trainer’ model. 

* 1. Please complete the contact information below.

* 2. Please indicate which of the following best applies to you:

* 3. If you have selected ‘b’ or ‘c,’ please also send a letter of support from your supervisor or other administrator that confirms their interest in setting up a group at your organization to info@westernmassrlc.org. The letter should address the following five questions:

1.  Will the organization support you to NOT have to take notes on what happens in the group?  Why/why not?
2. Will the organization support you to NOT have to have any organizational employees in the room during groups who have not actively been trained as facilitators?  Why/why not?
3. Will the organization support you to NOT have to keep attendance records?  Why/why not?
4. Is the organization willing to give the group space to talk about difficult topics without reporting those conversations back to anyone outside of the group?
5. Is the organization willing to work with you to identify clear limits to group privacy and confidentiality and put those in writing so that group members can also have a clear understanding of those limits?

Do you understand that you must also send this letter along as a part of your application process?

* 4. Are you able to attend ALL four session (Tuesday, May 29; Wednesday, May 30; Thursday, May 31; Friday, June 1) in their entirety (9:30am to 4:30pm)?

* 5. If you indicated that you'd need to miss a part of the training, please provide details below.

* 6. Please put your initials by each statement to indicate you have read and understand it.

* 7. In a short statement, please describe why you are interested in doing this training.

* 8. In your own words, explain what you think makes Hearing Voices groups different from clinical groups?

* 9. Describe any training or experience you have facilitating groups. If you have no facilitation experience, how will you approach building your facilitation skills beyond this training?

* 10. Please tell us a bit about the group you intend to start (or the existing group you are hoping to support).

* 11. Briefly describe the supports and barriers that will be present for you in starting/supporting this group.

* 12. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are some of your accomplishments, interests, dreams? What are the qualities you most appreciate about yourself?