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Placemaking design initiatives, such as people spaces, can help connect neighborhoods and commercial streets into socially cohesive places by creating new, vibrant community hubs. The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) and Special Service Area (SSA) #31 have initiated a design process to create a series of permanent people spaces in the Ravenswood neighborhood. Throughout the process GRCC and the design team will explore Ravenwood’s many assets and placemaking needs to identify locations and develop designs for several community-gathering spaces along many of the neighborhood’s key commercial streets.

Well-designed People Spaces aim to facilitate community interaction, support economic development and local businesses, visually enhance the urban environment, narrate a neighborhood’s history, and invite residents and visitors to explore and enjoy a neighborhood. When completed, these spaces will create a cultural network that strengthens the connection between people and the Ravenswood neighborhood.

Examples of People Spaces can include, but are not limited to:

1- Informal Seating Areas
2- Outdoor Dining Areas
3- Small Plazas
4- Pockets of Green Space
5- Parklets

We appreciate your time and commitment to this design process. The survey focuses on the following topics:

1- People Spaces Locations
2- Types of People Spaces
3- Character and Style