The Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence presents...

2021 kNOw MORE Webinar Series: Identification & Response to Human Trafficking in Multidisciplinary Settings


Thursday, April 15, 2021, 9
:00 AM to 11:30 AM ChST
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 (9:00am - 11:30am ChST)
Thursday, May 20, 2021 (9:00am - 11:30am ChST)


We are currently coordinating with the Guam Bar Association to offer CLEs.

This webinar is funded in part by Grant #2019-MU-AX-0014 awarded by the US Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women; Grant #G-2001GUSDVC awarded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, Administration for Children and Families; and Grant #STOP 2018-FAX-0027 provided by the Governor’s Community Outreach – Federal Programs Office, Office of the Governor of Guam, awarded by the USDOJ/OVW. The opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this event do not necessarily reflect the views of these funding agencies.
Webinar Description

2021 kNOw MORE Webinar: Identifying and Response to Human Trafficking in Multidisciplinary Settings

This webinar examines how to best identify and respond to human trafficking in multidisciplinary settings and equip those serving Indigenous populations to better understand the issues of human trafficking and its impact on Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian communities. As a result of this training, participants will be able to do the following:

1. Describe human trafficking and understand factors that contribute to trafficking of Indigenous populations.

2. Identify key differences between human trafficking and domestic violence/sexual assault.

3. Identify, screen for, and assess the needs of individuals who are at risk of trafficking or who may have experienced trafficking, and coordinate services in a multidisciplinary network of providers.

4. Describe methods for honoring cultural practices while providing support to individuals who have experienced trafficking.

5. Recognize the signs of trauma exposure that individuals who have experienced trafficking may present.

Presenter Biographies:

Kaleilani Grant

Kalei serves as the Assistant Coordinator for the Department of the Attorney General, Missing Child Center- Hawaii, to assist law enforcement in recovering missing and exploited children. For over a decade, Ms. Grant has contributed her expertise by working with government and non-government agencies to strengthen system response and combat human trafficking. She is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice Programs and Delinquency Prevention, with special recognition for her leadership in anti-trafficking contributions to resource development for front line responders.

Kalei has shared this knowledge on various platforms ranging from the Department of Education (DOE) superintendents and town hall community boards, the State of Hawaii Supreme Court Justices to the U.S. Department of Defense Combatting Trafficking in Persons (DOD CTIP) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Native Americans (HHS ANA). She is a recent graduate of the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy hosted by the Office of Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) and part of the working group for U.S. Department of State, Senior Policy Operating Group (SPOG), to examine the role of demand reduction domestically and internationally.

As a Native Hawaiian and survivor of sex trafficking, Ms. Grant believes in Ho‘omau (the Native Hawaiian value of perseverance and persistence). The value pushing you to continue to fulfill your purpose; to persevere in your efforts by renewing those efforts and to perpetuate those that worked well. Anything worth having is worth working for; A life of freedom is worth it.

Alani Bankhead
Alani is a special agent and the Alternate Commander for the Hawaii Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force out of the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General’s office which also covers the US territories of Guam, American Samoa, and the CNMI. She is also the handler for K9 Lulu, an electronic detection K9 who helps investigators find digital media devices in support of child sex exploitation cases. Prior to moving to Hawaii, Alani was the International Director of Investigations and Law Enforcement Development at the International Justice Mission, the world’s largest anti-slavery organization. In that capacity, she was responsible for all child sex abuse and sex trafficking cases in the Latin American area of responsibility including offices in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Bolivia, and El Salvador.

Alani is also a 17-year Air Force veteran where she serves as an Office of Special Investigations special agent. Previous assignments include running informants targeting Al Qaeda senior leaders with special operations in Iraq, protecting sensitive technologies from falling into the hands of spies, serving as the senior bodyguard to the Secretary of the Air Force, and investigating felony-level criminal offenses. Alani is passionate about protecting vulnerable populations, detests when the strong use their power to take advantage of the weak, and believes we always achieve more when we do it together.

Webinar Agenda
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  • Human Trafficking Factors that Contribute to Trafficking of Indigenous Populations.
  • Differences Between Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault.
  • Addressing Needs of Trafficked Individuals and Coordinating Services.
  • Methods for Honoring Cultural Practices While Providing Support.
  • Recognizing the Signs of Trauma Exposure.