Please take a few minutes to tell me YOUR opinion of several issues listed in the survey. De-identified results of this survey may be used by John Mack to get issues of importance to you on the agenda at Newtown Township Supervisors meetings. After you complete the survey, you will be able to see the summary (no comments) yourself. Your comments & any personal information you provide are confidential and will not be revealed to any 3rd-party. 


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* Here's a list of issues, some of which have been topics of discussion at Newtown Township Supervisor meetings. Please rank  them according to how important you think they are.

  Very Important Somewhat Important No opinion Not Important
Preservation of Open Space/Curb Overdevelopment
Bringing New Business to the Township
Snow Removal/Plowing
Quality of Drinking Water
School Safety
Prescription & Illegal Drug Abuse
Support for Youth Activities & Programs
Condition of Roads
Speeding and/or ignoring Stop Signs in Residential Areas
Keeping Taxes Among Lowest in Bucks County
Communications Between Residents/HOAs & Board of Supervisors

Question Title

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