HTCC is conducting a salary and benefits survey of occupational, physical and certified hand therapists (OT/PT assistants are not included in this survey). If you would like to earn one hour of continuing education credit for completing the survey, you will be given a link at the end of the survey to print a certificate. If you are a CHT, you can enter your name and CHT ID# to have the credit automatically applied. If you are not a CHT, you will be able to print verification of the contact hour. Results will be posted at in the Fall of 2017 as a free download for all CHTs and free for non-CHTs who have completed the survey. (If you are not a CHT please save your certificate as proof of completing the survey). Thank you for participating.This survey is completely anonymous.

The link to print the certificate is on the last page of this survey, please do not close that page without clicking on the link or you will be unable to print the certificate and we will have no record that you have completed this survey.