Contact and Dealer Information

Before starting the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz please review the HVIP dealer training materials.
You must score 100% on this quiz and will be allowed up to 3 attempts in order to do so.
This quiz is intended for NEW dealers as well as approved dealers who have not logged into the VPC in over a year.

Question Title

1. Please provide all contact information requested below:

Question Title

2. Please list ALL manufacturers and vehicle models that are HVIP-eligible that you intend to apply for HVIP vouchers for using the following format:

1) Make 1, Model A   2) Make 2, Model B

If you are unsure as to which models are HVIP eligible, please refer to the HVIP Eligible Vehicle Catalog.

This information is used to connect your VPC account with the vehicles you intend to request vouchers for. It is crucial that you complete this question accurately.