Welcome to the HSPE Survey!

The purpose of the HSPE Survey is to find out more about patient experiences with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), to identify patient needs, and to provide recommendations to the healthcare system on how to address those needs. Responses to this survey will be presented in a national report that will be used to inform education, support and advocacy initiatives of the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance to benefit patients living with HS and their families. Responses will also be compared to those of a similar survey conducted 3 years ago, in order to determine if there have been any improvements or changes, or if new concerns have emerged.

The HSPE Survey is for people living in Canada or elsewhere who have received a diagnosis of HS or suspect that they have HS because they exhibit one or more of the symptoms (small, recurrent, painful lumps or boils in armpits, groin, between buttocks and/or between and under breasts).

The HSPE Survey is completely anonymous and will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

If you need to stop partway through and return to the survey later, please:
i) Keep your browser open
ii) Complete all of the questions on the page that you are on and click "next" so that your responses for that page are saved. You will be directed to the next page when you return. 

The HSPE Survey has been developed by the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, an organization for Canadian patients with skin diseases, conditions and traumas. If you have any questions about the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, please contact the Executive Director, Ms. Rachael Manion at executivedirector@canadianskin.ca. 

If you have any questions about the survey or would like to be informed of the results, please contact Dr. Jennifer Pereira at jennifer.pereira@jrlresearch.com. When ready, a report of the results will be available on the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance website.