Master Plan Survey #6: Recreation Opportunities

A primary goal of the City of Harbor Springs elected and appointed officials is to incorporate the values and priorities of City residents in the administration of City government.  The Master Plan is an important tool toward that end.  It is the document that guides all future land use decisions for the next twenty years, or more.  To that end, the City has created a series of surveys that gauges the community’s thoughts on several Master Plan goals. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Survey #6 is related to the current Master Plan’s Goal #6: “Residents and visitors will enjoy a unique collection of recreation opportunities."

Question Title

* 1. Please choose the answer that BEST describes you.

Question Title

* 2. Please rate your level of interest in the following recreation opportunities.

  Very Interested Interested Not Interested Not sure
Sun Bathing
Ice Skating
Dog Walking
Disc Golf
Bird Watching
Board Games
Cross Country Skiing
Baseball/Softball/Tee Ball
Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee
Splash Pad
Fitness Trail
Movie Nights
Hanging Out

Question Title

* 3. Please rate your interest in the following types of recreational programming.

  Very Interested Interested Not Interested Not sure
Educational Activities (history, science, environment/nature, firearm safety, etc.)
Water Activities (sailing, swimming, paddle boarding, boating, etc.)
Individual Fitness (yoga, zumba, stretching, strength training, etc.)
Group Sports (basketball, soccer, dodgeball, flag football, hockey, baseball, etc.)
Board Game Tournaments (euchre, chess, checkers, etc.)
Tennis and/or Pickleball
Summer/Winter Skating

Question Title

* 4. Recreational opportunities and the quality of the experience are often dependent on the availability and condition of the existing municipal facilities.  In your opinion, please state whether the below facilities meet expectations for hosting recreation activities.

  Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Does Not Meet Expectations Not sure
Marina Park
Zorn Park
Zorn Beach
Josephine Ford Park
Shay Park
Kiwanis Park
SK8 Park
Jean Jardine Park
Tourist Park
Kosequat Park
Bluff Boardwalk
Zoll Street Dog Beach

Question Title

* 5. Policy initiatives and budgetary limits often dictate the quality and availability of recreational opportunities.  In your opinion, please state whether or not the following options are good ideas for paying for increased or improved recreational opportunities.  

  Excellent Idea Good Idea Not a Good Idea Terrible Idea Not Sure
Municipal Bonds
Parks/Recreation Millage
User Fees
Collaboration With Area Governmental Entities (Cost Sharing)
Partner With Special Interest Groups (Private Business and/or Non-profits)

Question Title

* 6. Please indicate whether or not you approve of the following efforts or initiatives.

  Approve Neutral (neither approve nor disapprove) Disapprove Not Sure
Expanding winter activities
Developing an "Adopt-a-Park" program
Hosting music concerts and other types of performances
Expanding public space via land acquisition
Encouraging multi-modal transportation / non-motorized pathway use
Collaborating with neighboring townships
Collaborating with Harbor Springs Schools
Collaborating with Harbor Springs Historical Society
Collaborating with Harbor Point and/or Wequetonsing Association
Collaborating with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
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