We know that today’s students will inherit a world that is more digital than the one we live in today. At Highland Ranch it is our desire to equip our students for their future college and career demands. Each day we strive to develop students who are self-directed, demonstrate discipline-specific experts, comprehend and critique, appropriately respond to their context; and back up their opinions with evidence. This demands a much more experiential and interactive learning environment for our students.

As we transition to the new Common Core Standards, it is understood that technology is a key component of our instructional delivery, student processing of content information, and student assessment systems. Your honest critical feedback is imperative to developing a technology plan that works for Highland Ranch Elementary. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your time is greatly appreciated. Responses are anonymous.

* 1. Would you support your child at Highland Ranch having access to their own technological device throughout their school day and at home to support their educational endeavors?

* 2. Would you be willing to have your student participate in a One- to- One technology program next year in grades four and five through:

* 3. Which are the following do you see as advantages for your child having a technological device of their own to be used at school and home? Check all that apply.

* 4. Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of each student having a device, where would you rate yourself on this issue?

* 5. We invite you to share any additional thoughts you may have regarding Highland Ranch Elementary’s technology plans. We appreciate your time and honest feedback concerning HRE’s future technology implementation.