The Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) is consulting with producers and supply chain stakeholders to determine whether the current definition of lamb requires changing.

The lamb definition is currently:
Meat derived from a female, castrated male, or entire male ovine animal that shows no evidence of eruption of permanent incisor teeth.

The proposed change of the lamb definition will:
Allow the eruption of permanent incisors, but without either incisor being in wear.

It isn’t by coincidence the Australian lamb and sheepmeat industry has grown from strength to strength to be the professional and standalone industry it is today. It has taken commitment and passion from all producers to ensure industry’s continued growth, but first and foremost, it has been industry’s united approach that has delivered our greatest successes. It is for this reason SCA welcomes all supply chain stakeholders to have their say on whether industry should move to adopt a definition that allows the eruption of permanent incisors, but without either incisor being in wear or maintain the current definition of lamb.

For more information on the proposed change please visit SCA’s Lamb Definition Public Consultation web page

Your feedback will be incorporated by independent consultant, Holmes Sackett, into a report that will be considered by the new Sheep Producer Australia Board in February 2018.

Lamb Meat Description Timeline 

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John Wallace
Marketing, Market Access and Trade Policy Committee
Sheepmeat Council of Australia
The public consultation period closes on Wednesday 29 November 2017.
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