Contract negotiations are continuing, and your bargaining team remains hopeful that a deal can be reached at the table. The Membership voted to give the UWOFA Board of Directors a mandate to call a strike, if and when it becomes necessary to do so. While a “No Board” Report must be filed before UWOFA can be in a legal strike position, the strike mandate is an important tool to bring pressure to bear on the Employer. Strike preparedness is another such tool. Of course, it is also prudent to plan for a strike or possible lockout by the Employer, should negotiations break down.
The following brief survey will help UWOFA serve and support all Members in case of a strike or lockout. We need to know how to reach you off campus, what duties you will be volunteering for in order to collect strike pay, and what other specific circumstances may apply in case of a strike or a lockout. We also have some other preparedness steps we suggest you think about now.