The 2nd annual JUMP IT conference is organized by ICT & Business Professionals for ICT & Business Professionals, based on success of the first event: JITF-2017.

JUMP IT is the largest independent digital economy conference in the region, linking global corporations, key local & regional players, government institutions, think-tanks and start-up businesses.

Led by independent thought-leaders, with key-note speakers and corporate presenters from 3 continents and more than a dozen countries, it provides unparalleled opportunity to learn, network and share knowledge between fellow industry professionals and colleagues.

The morning session brings 2 sensational key-note speakers and the Thought Leaders' panel discussion. The middle part of conference is reserved for corporate case-study presentations, providing unparalleled opportunity to learn, network and share knowledge between fellow industry professionals and colleagues. The afternoon closing session features the Business Leaders' panel discussion and the closing key-note.  The key-notes, expert presentations, corporate case-studies and panel discussion will deal with the following areas:
· Analytics
· Big Data
· Blockchain
· IoT
· Cloud
· AI
· VR / AR
· Machine Learning
· 5G
· Organizational Agility & Projects
The Zagreb JUMP IT 2018 is aimed at everyone involved in ICT industry, from developers to CEOs. It’s a unique opportunity to present your success stories, your solutions, platforms, outlook for the future and engage in discussions and Q&A sessions with more than 400 speakers and delegates from all over Europe.
If you would like to speak at the JUMP IT 2018, please fill in the questionnaire below. Thank you!
Before you continue, here is some useful technical information:
Your presentation time-slot is 30 minutes.
We recommend you limit your presentation to 20-25 minutes and leave 5-10 minutes for Q&A session with the audience. We also advise you to stick to the "golden rule" of public speaking - minimize the number of slides. In this case, 8-12 slides is the maximum you want to use.

* 1. Your Data

* 2. Your LinkedIn Profile

* 3. Your Twitter Profile

* 4. Your Pesentation Title (e.g.: Using data analytics to drive business @ ABC Corp.)

* 5. Key take-aways from your speech

* 6. Presentation focus (please describe in 5-6 bullet-points)

* 7. Presentation outline (max. 300 words)

* 8. You presentation would best fit the following topic:

* 9. Would you be interested in moderating/facilitating a panel-discussion at the end of the conference? (no presentation needed, purely facilitation role)

* 10. Previous public speaking experience (pls include a video link if available)