In the summer of 2012, residents will have the opportunity to vote on a penny sales tax to fund a set of priority transportation projects for metro Atlanta. The Transportation Investment Act of 2010 charged local leaders who are meeting as the Atlanta Regional Roundtable to work with residents to create a list of transportation investments that could be funded through this referendum. After hearing from more than 200,000 residents, the Executive Committee of the Atlanta Regional Roundtable, voted on a Draft Investment List in August. This list is being reviewed by the region’s residents during September. Changes can be made to this list up to the final vote of the Roundtable in October. That final list of projects will be the one the voters will see on a ballot in 2012.

The draft investment list is provided below for your review. Please take some time to consider these projects and click on the left column to indicate those you support. Each project has a short description along with its location and cost. If you would like to know more information, each project also has an associated fact sheet. You can view the fact sheets by clicking on the project IDs. You can also view an interactive map of projects that you can access on the Atlanta Regional Roundtable website. Please complete this survey by October 5, 2011.

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DRAFT Investment List of Transportation Projects voted on by the Executive Committee of the Atlanta Regional Roundtable on August 15, 2011

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