Welcome to the City of Madison Historic Preservation Plan survey!

The City of Madison in is the process of developing its first Historic Preservation Plan. This two-year long process kicked off in September of 2017. Since that time, the Historic Preservation Plan Advisory Committee, the consultant team, and City staff have been working to develop this framework that will guide the City’s efforts and resources devoted to preservation in the coming years. The Committee started with identifying the community’s values around historic preservation. Then, the Committee identified what we want to accomplish (goals), how we can do it (objectives), and actions to implement the plan (strategies). All of this has been based on public input received during public and Committee meetings, and through surveys, the project website, emails, and other activities.  

We need your assistance for the next step of the process. This survey lists the potential strategies and the goals and objectives they relate to. We are asking for your help to identify the timing and potential partners to implement each strategy.

Please take 20 minutes to complete the following survey. Results of the survey will be forwarded to the Committee for use as they continue work to finalize the plan. Thank you.

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