Welcome to KMKInsure's INITIAL Questionnaire for Personal Insurance

Thank you for your interest in quoting with KMKInsure today.
We completely understand that most people do not like questionnaires.  Being sensitive to this, we are asking some initial questions that we feel would be important for someone to get a quote.  The truth is, insurance carriers are very data-driven these days.

Looking at the big picture, here is a common road map to successfully getting many competitive quotes.  Please know that it is the strong desire of KMKInsure to try to limit the amount of work needed on your part.

  1. This survey will help you (securely) share your “Initial Information”
  2. KMKInsure will submit this information to multiple carriers, securely.
  3. Insurance carriers will ask follow-up questions, so we will answer them
  4. We will re-submit your information
  5. You choose your desired policy from quotes given by our many A-rated carriers
  6. After choosing a policy, we enter your payment information and bind coverage.

We do not take your business for granted, and we do know that you are most likely exploring options with KMKInsure alongside many other options that are available today.  Being a family business, we do consider your business as important to us. Rest assured, we will work hard and take the extra time needed to get coverage that is right for you.

Please do your best to complete these questions as best that you can.  If you need assistance, just ask.  We are willing to help you.

Thank you, and God bless you.

         Principal & Agent
12% of survey complete.