Please help us make important decisions for planning next year by completing this survey within the next two weeks.  Please complete only ONE version (electronic or paper) of this survey.  Thank you in advance for participating and being a partner in education.  

* 2. The following is an effective way to get important information to me:

  Yes No
Social Media
Automated Phone Calls

* 3. Indicate your interest in receiving information or attending a workshop on one or more of the topics below.

  Information Workshop
Helping with homework
Improving my child's reading skills
Improving my child's math skills
Understanding the state academic standards
Testing and preparation
Effective parenting skills for academic success

* 5. Please check the box that BEST applies to each statement.

  Yes To Some Degree No
Parents feel welcome in our school.
The school or teacher keeps me well informed about what my child is learning at school.
My child's teacher encourages him/her in all areas.
I am pleased with the instructional program at my child's school.
My child feels safe at school.
Parent input is considered when important school decisions are made.
School rules are communicated to parents.
I know how to contact my child's teachers.
I have access to my child's principal.
The school provides information about monitoring my child's academic progress. 
The school encourages me as a parent to be involved in my child's education.
Information (flyers, newsletters, website, etc.) received from my child's school is easy to understand.
I am satisfied with the school's response to my request for specific activities, meetings, or materials.

* 6. If a "NO" was answered above, please explain.

* 7. Please check the box that BEST applies to each statement.

  Strongly Agree  Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
My student is recognized for academic and/or behavioral achievements. 
Staff at my child's school communicates well with parents.
I am involved in the decision-making process at my child's school.

* 8. Check and complete the personal information below if you would like more information regarding:

* 9. Please provide name, email address, and phone number to be contacted regarding your interested in the items from the previous question.

* 10. Please comment on what you liked about the parent compact and/or what could be improved.

* 12. If you answered yes to the question above, please let us know how we can better serve incoming military families.