Zoom Career Planner

Zoom session on Career Planner

Participants to have discussion around what they have read and learnt in Session 2

Topics of discussion will include
·         What did you understand about self assessment : how does this factor in your personal interest and hobbies
·         Have you consider career exploration and if so how would you go about this?
·         What are the first 2 things that will assist you with choosing a career?

In Session 4 you will complete 2 activities:

·         Exploring careers 


·         The career planner- Survey Monkey Session 4 

Other areas on the SEEK website that might interest for the future are:
·         Assist with job hunting and
·         Understand working life

Step 1- 
Explore careers
On following this link you will see a tool bar with Explore Careers : click this option to explore a number of careers.


Pick 2 careers to explore in more detail

Step 2- 
Fill out Career planner
Survey monkey platform- Session 4

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