Page 1: The Basic Stuff

Your answers to this Questionnaire will provide the core information for our 50th Reunion Book. There are 44 short-answer questions.  After the first three, the rest are optional but we hope you will answer as many as you can so your classmates will know who you are. You may add details if you wish because the boxes will expand to hold whatever you wish to say.

The questions are divided into five pages. When you finish a page and click the Next Page button, your work is saved.  This means you can interrupt your session and return to the survey later, as long as you are using the same browser on the same computer.  You can also go back and modify your earlier answers.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is June 15, 2018.

If you have questions, contact 50th Reunion Book Co-editors David Prentice at or Dudley Kay at

* 1. Last name

* 2. First and middle names

* 3. Email address, so we can acknowledge receipt of your Questionnaire:

* 4. Name as you would like it to appear in The Book (e.g., Albert Inskip Pief):

* 5. Nickname(s) now or at Dartmouth:

* 6. We need to know what photo from our Dartmouth days you want us to use in the Reunion Book. If you don’t like either of the photos we have, you may send us a head-shot photo from the 1965-1969 era. Indicate your preference below:

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