The information from this survey is being gathered by the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) to assist us in our advocacy to improve provision for English language learners and their teachers.
If you teach, assess and/or case manage clients, manage or volunteer in an AMEP and/or SEE Centre, or have done so in any period that spans or began from 1st July 2017, we would be grateful if you would complete the following survey.  
The survey consists of the following sections and questions (the number of questions you will actually answer depends on your situation):
  1. Demographics (4 questions) 
  2. Your qualifications & teaching background (8 questions)
  3. Students & the composition of classes (7 questions)
  4. Your employment situation (15 questions)
  5. Union membership (3 questions)
  6. Case management & other out-of-the classroom responsibilities (5 questions)
  7. Questions specifically for managers (11 questions) 
  8. Curriculum and the focus of teaching (9 questions)
  9. The Australian Core Skills Framework (15 questions)
  10. Professional development: opportunities & support (6 questions)
  11. Well-being in your workplace (6 questions)
  12. Questions specifically for volunteers (4 questions)
The survey should take slightly less than an hour to complete but longer depending on how many comments you decide to include. We do realise that this task is making a big demand on your valuable time. But these questions probe the issues we know are concerning people, and to advocate effectively on your behalf, we need comprehensive and accurate data. So we would be truly grateful for your collaboration in probably the first survey ever to seek comprehensive information from practitioners about what is happening in the AMEP and SEE Program
How the survey works
  • A star indicates that we need an answer to this question in order to obtain the most complete data set possible -- if you don't answer, you'll be returned to that same question at the end of that section. Please bear with us and give us your best shot for an answer.
  • To move to the next question, scroll down or click on OK. (The OK button stops the survey from jumping to the next question if you’re using the Comment box.)
  • Whenever you click NEXT, your answers are saved and you will be moved to the next part of the survey. If you click on PREV or EXIT before clicking NEXT, your answers in that section will be lost.
  • To return to any sections you’ve done to change or review them, scroll down to the next PREV button, then click on PREV until you get back to the section you want.
  • To take a break & exit the survey before you’ve completed it, and then come back later:
  • close the link (the x tab at the top of your screen)
  • when you want to return, use the same browser, e.g. Chrome, and the same computer, and click on the link you first used to access this survey (it will be on the ACTA website or in an email you received)  – that link should take you back to where you were when you logged out
  • If you have any problems with this or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email Helen Moore at vicepresident@atesolact.org.au 
This survey is your personal opportunity to have your say, knowing that your identity is fully protected. Your name, log in details and other information are not collected as part of this survey. There is no way you can be personally identified by ACTA, those analysing the responses or anyone else.

The results will be used by ACTA representatives in our advocacy to Government, the Opposition and other Parties/politicians and organisations (e.g. unions, ethnic associations), and in future ACTA submissions. They will also be published on the ACTA website: http://www.tesol.org.au/

Please note that the survey will expire at 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning  29th January 2019 (Eastern Summer Time) when the link will expire. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact vicepresident@atesolact.org.au

With warm thanks for your time and assistance.
ACTA Executive