Welcome to online training!

Welcome to the HMIS online training! This training will walk you through our HMIS Introductory Training and teach you how to navigate basic HMIS functions. This includes:
  • Entering client data into HMIS
  • Updating client data
  • Exiting a client from your projects
This training is self-directed. After the first video you will be prompted to answer simple questions about your workflow. These answers will direct you to the appropriate training modules.

If you are the type of learner who also likes to have something to read as they watch, don't forget there's a comprehensive Training Packet covering the HMIS Introductory topics hosted on our support website, https://hmisaz.org/hmis-intro-training-docs

After completing this online training your agency administrator will have to submit the appropriate paperwork to have your account created. Please refer to your agency in order to have this final paperwork submitted.

Good luck!