* 1. Please choose where your child attends school:

* 2. I feel welcomed when I enter the school.

* 3. The school schedules parent/teacher conferences in a flexible way so that I can attend.

* 4. I received a Home-School Learning Compact at the beginning of the school year.

* 5. The Home-School Learning Compact provides meaningful ways to partner with the school.

* 6. Teachers communicate with me on a regular basis.

* 7. I feel knowledgeable about the school's expectations for my child.

* 8. I feel knowledgeable about what is going on at the school.

* 9. I know how to help my child with his/her homework.

* 10. My child participates in before or after school tutoring. (1st -12th grade)

* 11. The school provides our family with workshops, activities and events to attend throughout the year.

* 12. The school provides our family with parenting resources.

* 13. I have been encouraged to volunteer at school.

* 14. I have been invited to participate in school planning such as the School Improvement Plan, Title I Plan and Parental Involvement Plan etc.

* 15. I feel knowledgeable about the Title I program.

* 16. I feel that my child has made adequate progress over the course of this school year.

* 17. I feel parents are involved in the decision-making at our school.

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