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The St. Andrews Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), in keeping with one of its key values of Godly discernment, is seeking to hear from a broad cross section of our church family how God is speaking through them about our needs in a lead pastor.  This brief survey is a vital step in that process. The survey results will serve among the many important factors in helping the PNC extend a call to our next Lead Pastor.  Your prayer-led responses are greatly appreciated. Kindly complete and return this survey, either online or via hand-written hard copy, by February 28, 2017. (Online responses will significantly reduce the administrative resources needed to process the survey, but we are happy to receive paper responses from those whose access to the internet is limited, unfamiliar or inconvenient.)
Please note that all responses to this survey are treated and collected anonymously, unless the respondent wishes to supply his or her name in response to Question #13 at the end of the survey.

* 1. What is your age?

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* 5. I've been attending St. Andrews for:

* 6. Most frequently, for weekend worship at St. Andrews, I attend: