Cotswolds NL

Cotswolds NL Website Survey

1.What do you think of the website?
It's awful
It has good bits and bad bits
It's ok
It's good, but room for improvement
It's great
2.What do you commonly visit the website to do?
3.How easy/difficult is it to find what you needed on the website?
Very difficult
Very easy
4.If you found the resource or information you needed, how would you rate it?
Not at all useful
Slightly useful
Moderately useful
Very useful
Extremely useful
5.If you didn’t find what you needed, what was the reason?
6.When you visited the most recently, how did you get there?
7.What’s ONE thing that’s missing from the website?
8.Which of the following options best describes you or your role?
9.Please tell us the name of the organisation you work in