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* 1. Overall, how helpful was this webinar, "How Afterschool Programs can Support their Immigrant Students, Families, and Community," for you?

* 2. Please elaborate on your answer above. What did you find helpful about the webinar, or, what would have made the webinar more helpful to you?

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* 9. What additional topics would you like the Afterschool Alliance to include in its series focused on how to bring out and build up supportive climates during out-of-school time? Currently, topics in the series include:
  • Supporting immigrant students, families, and communities: Best practices for afterschool programs interacting with immigrant students and families
  • Understanding and responding to identity-based bullying: Current frameworks and strategies for educators and youth bystanders
  • Building community between police and youth: Working to build positive and productive relationships between children and teens and law enforcement
  • Engaging the tough conversation: Learning the skills and tools to help students confront complex issues and feelings in a safe space

* 10. Can we follow up with you in a few months to see how this webinar may or may not have influenced your work/programs?