The City of Fort Wayne’s Neighborhood Code Compliance department works to keep neighborhoods safe and clean. The department is always looking for ways to improve and would like your feedback about regulations regarding abandoned and inoperable vehicles.

Currently, City Ordinance makes it illegal to abandon a vehicle on public or private property. Partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, or junked vehicles also may not be left within the city. State law defines an abandoned vehicle as, "a vehicle that is three (3) or more model years old and mechanically inoperable, and is left on private property for more than twenty (20) days." If a vehicle is tagged on private property and the owner makes no appointment within 20 days to show that it is operable, the vehicle may be towed and a $100 ticket could be issued to the owner.

Municipal code also prohibits parking vehicles (including cars, trucks, trailers, campers, boats, RVs, etc.) on any portion of residential property other than in a driveway, street or alley. Violators can receive tickets of $100 per day, per violation.

* 1. Currently, if an abandoned vehicle is cited in the City of Fort Wayne, the vehicle owner is responsible for either moving the vehicle out of public view or off the property, or making an appointment to show that the vehicle is indeed operable. Should the property owner, instead of the vehicle owner, be responsible for showing the vehicle is operable?

* 2. Should all vehicles on private property, even if they are operable and parked on approved surfaces, have a current and valid license plate?

* 3. Currently, there are no limits to the number of vehicles allowed on private property, as long as they are operable and parked on approved surfaces such as driveways. Should there be a limit to the number of vehicles allowed on private residential properties?

* 4. Currently, City Code states that operable recreational vehicles, campers, boats and trucks (one-ton, panel or pickup) may only be parked in the driveway or alley of residential districts but not in the street; and pull-trailers (including small utility trailers), may only be parked in the driveway and alley. Should City Code be changed to limit the number of recreational vehicles, campers, boats and pull-trailers allowed at one residential property?

* 5. Current City Code states that the following vehicles are not permitted in residential districts: semi-trucks, truck-tractors, farm tractors, road tractors, semitrailers, oversize vehicles, school buses, church buses. An oversize vehicle has an overall length of more than 20 feet or an overall width of more than 7 feet, 6 inches. Should the overall length and width of permitted oversize vehicles be restricted even further?

* 6. Currently, recreational vehicles (boats, campers and motor homes) are allowed in residential areas. Should the overall length and width of permitted recreational vehicles be restricted?

* 7. What is your zip code?

* 9. Do you have any comments about the City's current abandoned vehicle ordinance or changes you would like to see to the ordinance?

Thank you for taking this survey. If you have any questions about the survey, please email