About the survey

Southland businesses, community groups and Local/Central Government  have become aware that there is a housing shortage caused by the positive growth in Southland's population which has placed pressure on housing in the region.

A Housing in Southland Taskforce has been set up to act quickly to evaluate the current state of housing in the region. The group believes a collaborative approach to understanding the current and future demand of different housing needs across Southland, together with what is currently happening from a supply side, will provide the information necessary for effective planning to occur.

As a result, Venture Southland is currently undertaking a study to deliver a baseline assessment of the housing situation in Southland. The study will provide a general overview of the demand and supply of housing in the region as well as the type of housing required. This work will update the Southland Community Housing Strategy which was commissioned by Invercargill City Council in 2017. 

All responses to this survey will be kept strictly confidential. The survey data will be reported only in aggregate form or in a manner that does not allow individual responses to be identified.

Thank you for your support.

Venture Southland