Grant Information

The purpose of this grant is to assist medical imaging and radiation therapy students in joining their professional association and demonstrating the importance of being active in the association as a student and throughout their career by awarding one-year ASRT student memberships.

Below are some of the benefits of joining ASRT as a student member:

-Get Set for the Certification Exam — Members get access to five 100-question practice exams from both the Radiography Student Exam Assessment Library® and the Radiation Therapy Student Exam Assessment Library®.

-Navigate Through Six Months of Exam Preparation — The Radiography Roadmap® and Radiation Therapy Roadmap® provide access to review materials, study resources and valuable advice to help prepare members for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification exam.

-Resources and Study Tools — The Student Center contains study modules, drill and practice exercises, and many other online resources for student members.

-Prepare for the Clinical Environment — Access EZ Compliance and review more than 30 modules on key competencies for working in health care.

-Career Assistance — Access the Employment Roadmap®, informative videos and information about résumés, job searches, interviews and more. Plus, ask questions and network with other students and R.T.s in the ASRT Communities.

-Exclusive Discounts — Save money on items such as textbooks, scrubs, shoes, ARRT exam preparation materials, home and auto insurance and more.

This grant is funded generously by ASRT members. Awards will be given for the 2023-2024 year to first-time student members currently enrolled in a primary radiologic science program.